The most interesting place to make sculpture for is the Urban-public space.

It enlivens and it confronts.

I like to make sculpture which makes a dialogue ( mentally and/or physical ).
It blends with the busy surroundings, but is accessible, please do touch, do climb it.

It lets people communicate and reflect their SENSES.

The public space becomes more and more urban space and smaller and busy aswell,
Therefore we need to balance the public space better in order to not get frustrated
That is: the modern consummating public needs a kind of “break “ that is to me sculpture in the public space.
In order to stay healthy aswell we need culture !

Sculpture in public spaces is a mind-balm for the people.
Public space is changing rapidly,
That is : density / transport / communication / accessibility / speed etc.
So the quality of space becomes a prime factor.
Sculpture in public space is an enhancement of quality.
To me as a sculptor the “use “of art in public space has changed from the autonomous aesthetic forms and its content, to a more complex of factors.
That is first an analysis of: surrounding space , its users , materials , budgets and target,
This can result in a work of art which is able to have a “dialogue “with its users.
To me it comes very close to a form of entertainment for the masses, I invite people with an interesting form and let the people decide to enter the piece(s) which will result in a new form because there are “actors”( public ) included who are an extended form for other viewers.
Object / subject  exchange.
Its an evocative way to confront the Senses !.

I believe in the temporariness of art in public spaces , because of the rapid change of  things ( culture, interests etc ) ( that doesn’t exclude permanent pieces which are  a cultural library of our history )
I think we need evaluation points in time in order to be able to make it possible to change art pieces in public space.

The macro design of modern cities demands a micro use of large scale art to balance our senses between individual and global change.
My favourite subject  are stairs, which are a simple invitation to the people and which elevates
And changes views.


Floris Brasser